“If training was easy, we would just make it harder.”

We hear often, “I’m just not motivated” or “I lost the motivation.” Your fitness progress cannot be dependent on your motivation. If it is, you will likely spend all your allotted fitness time scrolling Instagram seeking out an “influencer.” Side note; no one worth being influenced by, calls themself by that title. Fitness is an expression of discipline. Motivation and/or any other feeling is as unreliable as the weather man. There’s a 15% chance of precipitation and motivation on any given day, at best. Motivation will come and go as the wind blows.

As a responsible citizen of a social culture, there are certain privileges that require commitment. Honoring that commitment is called discipline. If you are married, you are responsible to love and respect your spouse. If you are a responsible parent, you must be committed to taking care of your children until they are capable of taking care of themselves. If our commitment to our spouse and children was only reserved for the days we were feeling in love, we would have a great deal of divorce and/or poor parenting. Ohh wait, maybe that’s what’s wrong with our culture.

Long story short, if you want to change your body and life, you must be committed. Motivation will not get you fitness nor a successful family, but discipline will. There are far too many days we just don’t “feel” up to the task at hand. Too damn bad, do it anyway.

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-Bradley Berlin