When our owners were first starting Maven Fitness eight years ago, they spent a great deal of time talking about the name. Being firm believers in the power of words, they wanted their members to be able to fulfill their own self prophecy. CrossFit Maven is as it’s named. Mavens lead from the front, by example. They relentlessly pursue excellence. They do not make excuses. They make decisions that are followed by action. They use the uncompromising power of love to drive themselves to betterment, and bring as many as they can with them. We are trusted experts in the field of strength and conditioning, and have proven to be masters of our trade in years of competition. Although we seek to kindle the innate competitive human nature in all our athletes, our philosophy and methodology are not competition based. Rather, our programming and coaching is founded on the belief that the human being is a unique creation, capable of incomprehensible development and adaptation. The founders and coaches of Maven train every athlete to maximize their genetic adaptive potential, regardless of their current state of fitness. Whether you come in our doors as a professional athlete, middle school student, or a deconditioned grandfather, we will give you our very best. We strive everyday to live up to the ideal of CrossFit being “infinitely scalable” and work with you to tailor each workout to your individual fitness level. Our commitment is to help each Maven fulfill his or her God given potential.



Coach and Owner Bradley Berlin has dedicated more than half his life to strength and conditioning exploration. He’s stood atop the podium in nearly every strength sport in his own athletic endeavors. In addition, he’s been coaching Crossfit for the last decade. Bradley has coached professional athletes, as well as helped many trainees lose in excess of 100 lbs. Bradley is passionate about fitness philosophy and would love to talk to you about your goals.


coach / OWNER

Coach Melanie has multiple certifications within CrossFit, including CrossFit Kids. She loves coaching our Saturday morning bootcamp classes and training with our members throughout the week. Melanie started CrossFit ten years ago. She started with no athletic background and went on to compete for Maven’s regional team for three consecutive years. Since then, she has had her and Bradley’s son, Maximus, and come back to CrossFit. Recovering from postpartum issues and training with a little one by her side has given CrossFit a new meaning. She cannot wait to help you find your meaning of “CrossFit”!



Chad is an owner of Maven who brings real world experience to the operations at Maven Fitness. As the owner of Nightingale Co. and Harmony Design Studio, he built a reputation on integrity and creativity in the contracting space for decades. His daughter Mia’s talent as a three times Teen Games Athlete brought him and his wife Emily into the world of Crossfit. From there they fell in love with the ideology and community behind it. Their commitment is to strengthen, build, and create a space at Maven Fitness that will transform generations of families as it did theirs.



Coach Sara is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, and has been coaching since 2013. She also has CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Weightlifting certifications. Prior to having kids, she would compete in local CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Strongman competitions with a few podium finishes under her belt. She has since trained through two pregnancies and post-partum recoveries. Over the years, Sara has formed a passion of helping others train through every stage of life, and is a true advocate of functional fitness regardless of age or abilities!



Erin Berlin is an owner of CrossFit Maven. She is married to Dr. Justin Berlin, and is a busy mom of three little ones. Like many others, Erin experiences the daily struggle to get it all done. The balance of making healthy meals for her family, physical exercise, spiritual growth, and holistic wellness is a work in progress. Sharing that journey with a like minded community is Maven’s speciality and why Erin, and many other members, feel that Maven Fitness is truly unique.


coach / owner

Before starting CrossFit, Coach Em spent her time being a full time mom to her three kids. Now that they are older, she has been able to pursue her passion for helping others by coaching at Maven Fitness. There is nothing she loves more than seeing athletes achieve goals that they may have never known they even had. To see them gain confidence and strength fills her with joy. She can’t wait to see you in the gym!



Jason Schomer is a husband, father, and grandfather. He has obtained his CrossFit L1 certification, and has been doing CrossFit since 2016. Jason has a passion for seeing local small businesses thrive and survive in their communities. This passion is something Jason’s father Jack instilled in him at a young age and it is his “why” behind being an owner at Maven Fitness.



Becky Schomer raised six children in Rochester with her husband, Jason. She loves the challenge and variety of CrossFit, and sees it as an avenue for longevity and health. Becky is passionate about providing young moms with a chance to stay fit physically, mentally, and emotionally while raising children. She is responsible for starting Child Care at Maven Fitness, and loves seeing her granddaughters at the gym.



Owner Justin Berlin has been in the strength and conditioning field for over two decades. From working out with his brothers in his parents garage, to working out at Maven Fitness on Saturday mornings while his three kids do CrossFit Kids alongside him, Justin has experienced fitness in many forms. He is also a local chiropractor and avid promoter of holistic health and wellness both inside and outside of the gym.