Bu!!$h! You Don’t Have Time!

Set down your phone and do some push-ups. Right now. Literally, set down your phone and do a set of push ups.

Your life is what you pay attention to. If you want to spend it on Instagram or Facebook, that’s your choice, but it should be a conscious decision. Silicon Valley is filled with high paid programmers whose entire job is to create addictive applications aimed explicitly towards capturing more screen time. “Screen time” is the phrase and metric they use to explain and quantify how much of your life they control.

“Well, I normally only scroll Instagram when I’m using the bathroom.” Really? Two hours and 46 minutes a day. What do you have, the Rotavirus? Right now, go into your smartphone’s settings, find “screen time”, and read your personal metrics. If you are a TV watcher, consider what the screen time metrics might increase to if you also averaged in your TV time.

Now with a straight face, try and tell me you don’t have time to workout, or learn how to play guitar, or pray, or learn a second language, or go to your daughter (or son’s) dance recital, or learn a Martial Arts. You can’t, and neither can I. Let’s make a change this year.

More time sweating. More time listening to an actual, real person. More time walking. More time learning the old fashion way; getting our hands dirty. More time exploring. More time meditating. Less time sitting with bad posture staring into a tiny light box with zombie brain.