What is CrossFit? “Constantly varied, functional movement, executed at a high intensity.” Yeah yeah, I know, but what is the “magic” of Crossfit, if you will? I’ve done varied functional movements at a high intensity for 15+ years. It has gotten me strong, fit, and occasionally injured because of my own unchecked ego. What’s the difference between me training in my parent’s garage during my teens with a pull up bar and barbell, and what happens at Maven on a daily basis? It’s not the expensive ergs, fancier pull up rigs, or needle bearing barbells. As cliché as it sounds, the difference is the love. Love is the bonding agent of our relentless community. It appears the first time you’re lead, or sometimes carried, through a workout that has made you feel both vulnerable and excellent. It grows every time you come back and pay it forward. Crossfit is hard, and that’s what scares many. But Crossfit gyms are full of love and that’s what keeps so many around.

There’s an irreplaceable, authentic connection that happens when you struggle through a hard workout with a training partner or partners. This is the most beautiful part of physical challenge according to so many accomplished athletes and adventures, but it literally rarely exists in most gyms. Why? Most traditional gyms are started by big business with a singular focus; profitability. Most Crossfit gyms are started by families with a dual focus; community and fitness.

Come see us at: 328 South Street, Rochester MI, we will love you through your hard earned progress.