“Presque ne compte pas.”

Almost does not count. I almost didn’t cheat on my husband. I almost brushed my teeth last night. I almost paid my taxes. Humorous, right? How come: I almost followed my nutrition program this month, or I almost made it to the gym three times this week, isn’t as funny? Maybe because we’re used to hearing it? Almost is failure.

We hear a great deal of rhetoric these days regarding goal setting. There is no transformative power in looking in the horizon to set a mark. The transformative power lies in the journey to that mark, however long. There are two major factors to consider when setting a goal. One, is you setting attainable goals. Two, is do you have the discipline to achieve them?

For once, I’m not going to discuss discipline. This text is about being realistic. If you are not a loyal person, don’t say “I do”, everyone will be better off. If you haven’t been able to put down that forth Reese’s Cup in the jumbo pack for years, don’t announce to all of Facebook you’re going keto for a year. There is this word called perpetuation. It means continued motion with increasing momentum.

Set a small goal today. Reach it next week. Next week, from a new mark, look a touch further ahead with a goal. Reach it. From four Reese’s Cups, down to two. Two down to one. Perpetuate.

Keto for a year. Maybe one day. Everest? Unlikely, but possible. Start small. Scale over time. Goals can be set and reached daily. “Almost” reaching a goal too lofty, does not perpetuate a new goal. In fact, it does just the opposite. When we consistently don’t make our mark, we develop a limited psyche as it relates to progress. However, when we’re always reaching goals, we develop a limitless psyche. The snow ball rolls on, gaining size. It perpetuates.

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