1. Your job is to serve. You are not here to self-seek. Pay attention. 
  2. Your knowledge and ability are only as good as your ability to help others improve. You are not a good coach because you “know”, you become a good coach by utilizing what you know to help others. 
  3. You are in the business of changing lives for the greater good. Take your work seriously. Lives literally depend on it. 
  4. Be an example of what you believe. There is nothing more powerful than a great example by someone you respect. 
  5. Cues and concepts that are simple and repetitive to you may be revolutionary for your athletes. You may be tired of saying a “cue”, that doesn’t mean your athlete doesn’t need to hear it. 
Athletes (members):
  1. When you request hip hop instead of country, know that the country music was requested a few minutes earlier by your comrade. And vice versa. 
  2. CrossFit coaches and box owners typically don’t make enough money to support themselves or their families and often have a second or third job. Their time spent with you is a labor of love. 
  3. Your coaches have your best interest in mind. When they are giving you a cue or answering a question, their intent is to help you improve even if it’s hard for you to understand the process. 
  4. Cleaning a massive industrial building and replacing equipment on a shoestring budget is extremely challenging and stressful. Do your part to take care of your box.
  5. A single workout in and of itself cannot make you fit. It can, however, cause excess stress physically and psychologically. Unless you compete at an elite level and are in season, don’t let a single week of training add additional stress. See the big picture. The answer to massive success is almost always consistency.