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Interested in becoming a Maven? Check out this video for a taste of the incredible Maven community that you can quickly become a part of.

Who We Are

When our owner’s Bradley and Justin Berlin were first starting CrossFit Maven eight years ago, they spent a great deal of time talking about the name. Being firm believers in the power of words, they wanted their members to be able to fulfill their own self prophecy.  CrossFit Maven is as it's named. Mavens lead from the front, by example. They relentlessly pursue excellence.  They do not make excuses. They make decisions that are followed by action. They use the uncompromising power of love to drive themselves to betterment, and bring as many as they can with them.  We are trusted experts in the field of strength and conditioning, and have proven to be masters of our trade in years of competition. Although we seek to kindle the innate competitive human nature in all our athletes, our philosophy and methodology are not competition based. Rather, our programming and coaching is founded on the belief that the human being is a unique creation, capable of incomprehensible development and adaptation. The founders and coaches of Maven train every athlete to maximize their genetic adaptive potential, regardless of their current state of fitness. Whether you come in our doors as a professional athlete, middle school student, or a deconditioned grandfather, we will give you our very best.  We strive everyday to live up to the ideal of CrossFit being “infinitely scalable” and work with you to tailor each workout to your individual fitness level. Our commitment is to help fulfill each Maven's God given potential.


Train like a Maven

All of our programming is written by our owner, Bradley Berlin. This allows us to create more personal coach to athlete bonds, and also gives Bradley the ability to tailor what we do to our members. Click on the link to see what our Maven members are doing each day.


How to Join

Everyone wishing to start CrossFit at CrossFit Maven needs to go through our foundation classes. Here you will learn what exactly CrossFit is, as well as the core movements in our sport. These foundations are important for teaching our new members how to perform the movements, but they even are more important because they teach how to safely execute everything we do.  Upon completion of these foundations, you can immediately join in on any of our daily classes.  If you are transferring from a different gym or have done CrossFit before, these classes are not required.  Come stop into our gym or get in touch with Bradley Berlin to start the process of becoming a Maven.  All contact information can be found under the "Contact Us" tab.