I’ve been trying my whole life to get too bulky. It’s not as easy as you would think. I run a strength and conditioning gym in Rochester, MI. All the women at my gym that have been members for longer than a few months, are strong and fit. There are also some exceptionally (physically) strong women/girls there. They look the part. These women/girls represent roughly 2% of our total membership, and .000001% of the world’s population. They are the ones that non-member, misinformed women see and think or verbalize, “I don’t want to be too bulky, like her.” I say “non-member” because our members are not allowed to speak that way to each other or themselves. What the non-member, misinformed women don’t understand is, it’s impossible for them to become what they are critiquing. Exceptional functional strength and the physique it demands, takes such extreme measures to acquire that it’s impossible to accidentally. There are so many variables that must align perfectly; the greatest of which, being desire. Exceptionally strong women have an obsession with strength that is unquenchable. The obsession is the catalyst that supersedes their discipline, intensity, and courage. The point is, if you are not obsessed with becoming “too bulky” you never will be. No one has ever accidentally climbed Everest or won the Stanley Cup. The desire sparks the burning fire of motivation. The motivation slowly burns itself into discipline. Discipline creates a dictatorship. The dictator can then demand what it wants; strength, fitness, flexibility, speed, knowledge and even “bulky-ness”.

Whatever you desire physically, so long as it’s within the confines of health, come see me at:

328 South Street
Rochester, MI

I will help you.

-Bradley Berlin

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