Bradley Berlin

Coach and Owner Bradley Berlin has dedicated more than half his life to strength and conditioning exploration. He’s stood atop the podium in nearly every strength sport in his own athletic endeavors. In addition, he’s been coaching Crossfit for the last decade. Bradley has coached professional athletes, as well as helped many trainees lose in excess of 100 lbs. Bradley is passionate about fitness philosophy and would love to talk to you about your goals.


Melanie Berlin

Coach Melanie has multiple certifications within CrossFit, including CrossFit Kids. She loves coaching our Saturday morning bootcamp classes and training with our members throughout the week. Melanie started CrossFit ten years ago. She started with no athletic background and went on to compete for Maven’s regional team for three consecutive years. Since then, she has had her and Bradley’s son, Maximus, and come back to CrossFit. Recovering from postpartum issues and training with a little one by her side has given CrossFit a new meaning. She cannot wait to help you find your meaning of “CrossFit”!


Faith Ferguson

Coach Faith coaches our Crossfit Kids Program as well as traditional Crossfit classes.  She has had the incredible opportunity of finding CrossFit at a very young age and capitalizes on that by soaking in every bit of knowledge possible.  Faith started Crossfit over two years ago and in that time, has been to Regionals as a member of Team Maven, and The CrossFit Games as an individual teenager.  Coaching has quickly become a deep passion for Faith and she strives daily to help teach others how to live happy and healthy lives.


Gannon Pacioni

Before coaching at Maven, Coach Gannon spent the previous eight years of his life personal training, and coaching all walks of life, at various locations around Michigan. Aside from coaching, Gannon has spent much of his life consumed by and training for sport. He has competed in both CrossFit, and Powerlifting, and now enjoys the purist of training for life and longevity.  Gannon sees Crossfit as something that is subjective, and solely defined by each individual’s “why?”.  It’s that question that he is in academic, and personal pursuit of.  Coach Gannon is excited in helping you define your why, and helping you reach your goals.


Eric Schubring

Coach Eric has been pursuing the truest form of fitness and helping athletes perform, look, and feel better for over a decade.  He grew up competing as, and still competes as, a BMX racer, hockey player, and skateboarder. Eric is an avid local fitness competitor, with numerous podium finishes in Crossfit, Strongman, powerlifting, and running.  Eric strives continuously to help people of all ages and ability levels become stronger and faster for many more years to come.



Matthew Ricci

Coach Matthew has been on his CrossFit journey for approximately 6 years and started this exploration a year after he joined the military and never looked back. He is a USAF vet and served for 6 years with multiple combat deployments.  Matthew has been coaching for almost a year and absolutely loves it. While he enjoys CrossFit, Matthew is seeking employment by a Law Enforcement Agency and is going to see where that path takes him.